How to buy a Parma Fan Token (PARMA)?

3 min readMar 14, 2023


Being one of the most high-profile projects of the year, Parma Fan Token gathered mature investors, enthusiasts and a large sports fanbase. Many of you already have a great knowledge of DeFi, although we still would like to share this step-by-step guide on how to buy Parma Fan Token — $PARMA.

1 — Get a blockchain wallet app

First and foremost, download a blockchain wallet and make sure to fund it. Since, PARMA Fan Token is on BNB Smart Chain, we highly recommend to fund your wallet with USDT and BNB. Major wallets are available as browser extensions if you are using a desktop, for mobile find the right wallet in your app store. Some of the most popular which support the BNB Smart Chain are Trust Wallet and MetaMask.

2 — Create or import your wallet

You have your wallet downloaded and installed. Now let’s get your wallet to get you on the road of DeFi. If this is your first wallet, create one and make sure to follow all in-app guides. Save your seed phrase in a secure place, your seed phrase is your access to your wallet — keep that in mind. If you already have a wallet just follow the import wallet guidelines and use your seed phrase to access your wallet.

3 — Fund your wallet

All wallets support third-party on-ramp payments, where you can purchase cryptocurrency using your debit/credit card. Major wallets are multi-chain, hence you may purchase a cryptocurrency and swap to another cryptocurrency inside your wallet, check all swap options in the wallet before you proceed. Select the cryptocurrency you would like to buy, select the on-ramp payment provider, enter all the info necessary and you are ready to go. Please note that many wallets have limits for users who didn’t pass KYC, make sure you complete that as well.

4 — Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap

Go to and connect your wallet. Follow the instructions of your wallet app.

5 — Buy $PARMA on PancakeSwap

You have your wallet setup, you have funds and you are ready for some $PARMA. To ease the process, we have a link to the Parma Fan Token’s swap page on PancakeSwap. Get your Parma Fan Token on Pancakeswap here $PARMA or search for the token in Pancakeswap using this token address — 0xf7F0dc9fD88e436847580D883319137Ec2aA6b94.

Note! Make sure you are swapping a coin to PARMA, not the vice versa. In the order menu, PARMA has to be the counter currency, quoted below the main currency.

That is it. You now own Parma Fan Token and are one of the members of the #PARMA team.

What is PARMA?

$PARMA Fan token is a cryptocurrency with the aim of revolutionizing fan engagement through innovative and exclusive experiences. Holders will also be able to participate in surveys, win match tickets and make important choices about their team.

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