PARMA announces its first rewarding incentive!

2 min readMar 14, 2023


We are more than happy to introduce our staking reward incentive, where all Parma Fan Token holders get free BLK tokens by staking their PARMA.

To participate in staking follow these simple rules:

  1. Register on
  2. Go to Parma Staking.
  3. Stake the amount and select the duration.
  4. Wait for your staking to end and get your free BLK.

There are 3 staking terms, to stake PARMA and get BLK.

🎯 3 month stake — 7.5% BLK (apy 30%).
🎯 6 month stake — 20% BLK (apy 40%).
🎯 12 month stake — 60% BLK (apy 60%).

When the selected duration expires, BLK will be automatically deposited to your Unitos Account and be available for transfer immediately.

📌 Here is how it works :
Suppose, you decide to stake 100 PARMA for 3 months.
Your 100 PARMA will be locked for 3 months.⏰

In a three month period the system will deposit a counter value of 7.5 PARMA in BLK. Meaning, if after 3 months PARMA tokens price is $2 You will get 100 PARMA + 15 BLK.

In other words, Your PARMA are safely stored and gained in value and you earned extra BLK.

What is BLK?
The BLK is a payment Token that provides a real utility as a means of payment for goods and services. The BLK is therefore a decentralized Utility Token where all merchants who accept it for payment become in fact the underlying to guarantee the value of the Token itself.

What is PARMA?
$PARMA Fan token is a cryptocurrency with the aim of revolutionizing fan engagement through innovative and exclusive experiences. Holders will also be able to participate in surveys, win match tickets and make important choices about their team.

One incentive, tons of benefits! 💥
Join now and start earning!

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